Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

My home is where I feel safe. Home is any place that you feel like you belong. Your school, a friend’s house, or a park can be your home. A home can be big, small, tall, or short but your home is not judged by looks. Home is the place you go after school. When you are tired after studying and worn out after running around with friends, going home and sitting down with family is the best. Home is a familiar place where you live happily with family. But does everyone have a home? No. Some people are cold, hungry, and homeless, while others are warm, full fed, and happy in their home. It is unfair. Some kind people give a few dollars, but most walk by without a single glance. Even just a dollar could help buy food. If life could give one thing to every person in the world, how many people would wish for a home?