Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

I sprint right outside my doorstep
And twist the key and hear my patting footsteps.
The second I come in, I flop to the floor
To hug my carpet, room and door.

My paradise starts here
Including families, friends and peers.
The best and warm place to stay
Where the trees are free to sway.

When there’s some danger approaching
Like a raging storm that’s quickly coming.
We wait in our house for the storm to subside
During our long wait, we do some activities inside.

Filled and supplied with delicious food
They can boost anyone’s mood.
Filled with games to overthrow boredom
Even during winter, summer, spring and even autumn!

Speeding all around the rooms
Dashing through with my broom…
Inside my house all warm and snug
And to give each family member one final hug

We close our eyes gently
While we sleep contently
Getting a house? Of course I recommend!