Grade 6

Medicine Hat

Meaning of Home

So the people that live outside and they feel bad and the people that are inside feel good with Their family and they are my family and they watch movies, And about me I feel very good with my family are good because they are a good family and I have friends that are out medicine hat and I have a friends that in inside medicine hat, and they are very good and nice friends, And about my home i feel very good about my home and very nice and about my home. and so I like my friends and my neighbors and my family and my neighbors and my neighbor children and I like all the people around me and I like my house and I like everything about my house my neighbor are my friends my family but I like my friends who in school well some of them, and I like my teacher, and the people who are outside of Medicine Hat in Syria and the people who are in Syria are good people and that is good and nice friends.