Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Look down the street how many houses can you see, look down the street how many homes can you see. A home to me is where my family and friends make memories everyday.

When I walk into my house I get that nice warm feeling. I’m lucky to have walls and a roof over my head. A home to me is a nice place to relax and play with friends. At my home there are rugs blankets couches and tvs. When I go to a friends house I feel like I’m at a random house. But when
Im at my house I feel like I’m in my home not at a random house. A home is a place to relax after a hard day at school or work. In Canada there are lots of houses but to me, there is only one home to me that is mine

A nice place to watch tv relax play games and a place to sleep at night. Is called a home. A place is where old friends meet and new friends are made To me a home is a where I feel secure From the rain, the snow And all of my fears.To me a home is where I am loved the most,
Where I am recognized.

Jaren. L