Grade 6


Meaning of home

My home is a wonderful and loving place. My favorite thing about my home is my family and my pet. I am so grateful for my family and pet. I have a lovely mom, she is also understanding, always kind and nice. My mom and I love to watch movies our favorite movies are Christmas movies. I love my mom and she is so amazing. My dad is kind and a loving person my dad and I play games; we usually play games on our phones my dad is the best person and I would not change any thing about him. My brother is nice. He is kid and thoughtful. My home is where my family and I make memories and have fun. What makes my home so special is that we have traditions that no one does very often. The traditions that my mom and I do is watch Hallmark movies together and it is a special time it is almost the end of February and we and watching Christmas movies. My dad and I play Pokémon Go together. My brother and I play on the Nintendo Switch. My dog and I play catch together and it is so much fun. My family and I play board games together it is so fun. When we eat delicious food, we talk, and we don’t feel lonely; it is a great time to chat about how our day was. We have lots of memories in our home because we have lived there my whole life. Everyone deserves a home. In a home there is joy and happiness. In a home you feel loved in a house you feel alone. My home is wonderful and amazing. I love to talk, be my own person, and have a good time with my family.