Grade 4

Nova Scotia

Meaning of home

Home is where I can read my books. My favorite are made by Edgar Allen Poe. My favorite stories are The Raven,and Lenore. I read my books in my dads bed. In the summer I lay in the grass and watch the fluffy clouds go bye I also read in the grass. I love to go in the woods and hunt with my bow and arrow. I also pretend i’m fighting zombies . The setting takes place in a abandoned world war ll zone. My favorite weapon to use is my bow, my sword and my grenades. I have a lot of pets in my game but the one I use the most is hunter, he is immune to bombs and fire. I have killed 40,000 zombie kills. My sister sometimes plays with me, my brother sometimes plays with me, and my dad sometimes plays with me too. That’s my home for you.