Grade 6

Medicine Hat

Meaning of Home

Meaning Of Home

My home is a safe place. A place where I wake up in the morning and everything just feels right. Every morning I look at all the signs in my house that say “ home sweet home” . I used to think it was quirky but I smile when I look at it every morning. I look at all the pictures on my wall of my family and friends. My friends and family make it feel like home. My home is filled with memories , good and bad. We all have a certain place at the dinner table , and every night we share stories , real and fake. The house gets filled with laughter.

Me and my mom like to do puzzles and listen to music , we jam out and dance and sing. It’s kinda like our thing. I like to cuddle up on the couch with my dad and watch hunting shows. He teaches me more about hunting all the time , it’s really fascinating. My dad always takes me and my sister on drives and we blast music , me and my sister sit in the back making weird faces at each other and sing , my family really likes music.

We go out to our farm every year , it’s my other home. My dad likes to take my sister and I to shoot targets and he lets us drive his truck , he always says “ teach em young”. My grandma and I like to watch out the window , she likes to teach me about birds and their names and what they eat and everything. I think it’s funny how much she loves birds. My whole family always goes on a night walk at the farm , just around the farm yard , it normally takes us about 45 minutes.

If my farm wasn’t there I probably wouldn’t know how to shoot a gun , or how to drive a truck , or how to fix a truck after I drove it into the ditch. I wouldn’t know a thing about birds. I wouldn’t be as close to my grandma as I am now , and I wouldn’t be the way I am now , I grew up there. The Farm , the outside , the wilderness was my life. It made me who I am today as a person.