Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Home. Is a place where I feel safe.

Places to be, screaming with glee.

As you know, some people don’t even have a home.

But that’s okay, because Habitat For Humanity is here to save the day.

The kids across Canada will help out the ones in need.

Because we have a home with four walls holding up our roof.

And soon after this you will have one too!

But for on and on please remember our name.

As the ones who helped you get out of that cold cold place.

Winnipeg, like i said remember this name for the rest of your life.

Not saying you must, but it would mean the world to us.

Knowing we could have saved someone’s life all because we submitted a poem.

To a charity raising awareness to help people with no home.

But if you see who I am, I’m not what you think.

I’m a good kid with a bad side but when i get in my feelings.

This is who I really am…