Grade 6


Meaning of Home

What home means to me is love and safe because we care about each other and other people.

My home is a place where you can have clean food ready on the table, with fresh drinks! Home means fun to me because we can sit down and play a board game or watch a movie with hot chocolate and popcorn.

At home I feel warm because I can sit down with my family and sit by the fireplace and watch movies together. I feel happy when I am home and free because I can go outside and see all the beautiful nature and creatures, and I can come back home and relax on our comfortable couch and spend time with my family!

At home I feel confident and encouraged to do things I love at home.

I feel smart when I am home because I can read a book on my comfortable bed and have my own awesome room to sleep in at home. I feel loved at home because I have my own room and bed to sleep in and pillows so I can have an awesome sleep!!

When I am at home, I feel like I can be myself, because I can be silly, be hilarious, and make my family laugh, and it all happens in my amazing home!

Those are lots of things that I love about my home.