Grade 4

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Home doesn’t have to be a house. It could be a cabin, trailer,tent, car. It could be any of those but it’s usually a house. It could be any house big or small or tiny.

Your home is where you do mostly everything like holiday like christmas, halloween, easter and your birthday.

It’s where you live it can be your home forever if not what it can be it’s what it will be.

It’s where you do celebrations and parties, it’s where you feel safe.

When you have a home you know that you’ll have somewhere to go later.

It’s where you keep your stuff where you eat your food, it’s where you sleep.

Sometimes you do have to go to a hotel to get out of your house for a few days.

It’s where you have fun, play games, do stuff, have video chat and do home schooling.

It’s where you watch tv, have baths and showers where you get clean.

You read books, write poetry and do your homework.

It’s where the mailman/delivery guy delivers your stuff that you ordered online.

It could be your meaning of home it can be anybody’s meaning of home.

But that’s my meaning of home.