Grade 6


Meaning of Home!

At home I am loved by my family there is always joy, kindness, hope, and love. Home means having a safe place to go or having a roof over your head (shelter) or maybe when you get scared.

Home is when you have a loving family who are always happy to see you.

I have two dogs and when I get home, they are always at the door ready to greet me when I come in.

Home is when you know you always have a place to stay warm and sleep.

I feel it is important to have a home instead of living out on the streets.

(by a hair shop) Once I saw a man in a wheelchair homeless and nowhere to go, while my mom was cleaning out her car, I saw ten dollars on the front seat of her car, he asked if we had any money to give. She said yes while giving him the money. I am glad she did that because he looked happy,

when I went on a trip to Toronto, I saw people homeless on the streets, there were lots of them.

I feel everyone should have a home, for safety, self-care, warmth, shelter, and even for their health, and so they know they are loved. I am glad there are things like… habitat for humanity, and funder raisers to give food, and even the shelters!

When I see a homeless person, I think of those people that have kids or even baby’s, I think how they would take care of their children.