Grade 6

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Meaning of Home

Meaning Of Home

If you observe from the outside, home is just another residence, a dwelling. On the inside, it holds all the memories of loved ones who passed away. It holds cheerfulness for you to pick up if you are feeling down. Home is a place where you can heal your wounds. It holds, most importantly, family. Sisters are there for you. Brothers have your back. Parents sit by the fire and greet you every time you come home from school. Every time you wake up to the sweet smell of frying eggs, bacon, and toast. It does sound like paradise.

The atmosphere around the home isn’t ever tense, happy smiles are passed all around. I believe this isn’t abnormal to feel this way. Home is a place where I feel safe, sheltered. A place with warm hugs, a cozy bed, things to do. Every night when I head to sleep, I think about how fortunate I am to have all of this.

So follow your dreams, reach for the stars… but don´t forget that you came from home.