Grade 6


Meaning of Home

My home is somewhere I can sleep at night, and when my mom makes her home-made muffins it’s like I’m in heaven because they smell so good. In my home I can hear laughs, and cries but I will always know that I am safe with my family in my home. My home has changed so much over the years and so should our community. My home is amazing, I can play outside, play board games with my brother and I think everyone should have a place like that even people that live on the streets should have a home. My home and everyone else’s connect them to the rest of their family. My home is my cocoon people who don’t have a home will never be able to evolve to be a better person, so I think we should all donate a little bit to all the people who live on the streets so they can afford a home live in and make memories and so should everyone, so whoever is reading this be a human and give a little to charity because if I or anyone else did not have a home well, I could imagine what they would be going through so just so you know my

home is somewhere I make memories and help my mom bake cookies play video games and so much more so keep that in mind the next time you see someone on the streets imagine what it would be like and think to yourself, what if that was you…
So that is the meaning of mine yours and everyone else who has a home, that is the true meaning, of home