Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Hi. So I would like to start off by saying a home is not always a house. A home could be a big house, a small house or a rental, an apartment or a trailer sometimes even a tent. Whatever you live in you call it home there is a reason you call it home. I call my trailer home because I know I am safe and always cozy. Things that made my home feel like home is that all of the happy memories I let flow through the room. The first thing I did to make it feel like home is design my room, put things that are special to me in my room and started to do things differently like waking up early and making my lunch at night so it is ready in the morning. Sometimes if you move far away it can be hard to find friends or a home you can please your family or people you will be living with. You want to add that special thing that is important to you. It could be a picture of someone you love or your favorite stuffie and blanket. When you are talking about your home you don’t want to say the place I live at you want to call it home think of some ways you can call it home hope you can call your home home.