Grade 6


Meaning of Home

To me, home means Comfort, Love, and Safety. Once upon a time, there was a little girl. Her name was Clove. Clove had no family. Her parents were died in a car crash, and her aunt had no clue she existed. Clove lied in a forest with lots of prey and mean scary animals. She had no house and winter was coming. The nights got colder and colder every night. One day Clove was out looking for food to eat. She heard a noise in the distance. Clove grabbed a stick, ready to fight. In the distance, Clove saw what made the noise. It was another person. Clove yelled “Hello?”. The person turned and looked at Clove, then slowly approached her. The person was a man. He said “Hello. What are you doing out here?” Clove said “I’m Clove” the man said “I’m Sam. Are you lost?” “Yes. My parents died in a fire and I’m all alone.” Sam said “Come with me!” “Okay.” Said Clove. Clove followed Sam and finally made it back to a house. “Come in.” he said. Clove and Sam went inside and drank hot tea. “Clove; said Sam “will you live with me?” “Yes; said Clove “Yes I will live with you!” Sam soon adopted Clove and the two became a family!