Grade 5


Meaning of Home

As soon as I walk through my door and up my tower, I hear my puppy jumping up and down. When I unpack my bag I go to my room and call my dogs over when I am done putting my stuff away.

Home is where you can eat, drink, read, love, play, watch TV or read a book. Home is where you can respect your family. Home is a place where you feel safe, protected, home is where you can do whatever you want.

What home means to me is somewhere you can trust people and cry with or laugh with and play and not get yelled at twenty four seven!

Home is where you can learn from your mistakes. Where you can love, hug, play, read. Home is where I read, play, love and respect when you are sad. Home is where you are meant to get happy by someone cheering you up.

When I walk through my door my dogs run up to me and make me drop everything until I give them a hug! I go down stairs to see what everyone is doing and say hi and give them a hug, go upstairs and go to my room and draw and do something. I hope that everyone has a home on the planet and to make them feel safe, protected, and loved.