Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

When you have a home, it’s like God gave you a blessing.
When you have a home, it’s somewhere to stop stressing.
It’s somewhere to let your feelings out.
Somewhere to let a flower sprout.
There’s a bed to let out your tears, and a place to tackle all your fears.
Maybe a yard to let your imagination flow.
Also a table, for a dinner with your family, to make your spirit grow!
A couch to watch tv, and a couch table to place your tea!
Maybe a closet, for a place to hide, when you play hide and seek.
But make sure that the seeker doesn’t peek!
There’s a pillow for your head at night and a light bulb to show the light.
There’s a glass to hold your drink.
Also a yoga mat for you to meditate and think.
A bookshelf so you can pick a book and read.
A cabinet under the sink for all your band-aid needs!
Then there’s a mom, a dad and a daughter and now that family is full of thankfulness and laughter!

“Every inch of your home means something to you”