Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

My home is full of memory. That sounds crazy because it’s not a living thing. Or is it? To some people a home is just a building but to me it is a place full of happiness and love.

I think memories are a big part of making a place feel like home because memories are a form of connection to a place. Memories are a way to remember the good and the bad that you shared as a family. Memories make my house a home and happy memories keep it alive.

Everybody in my family does their part to keep my home a safe and happy place. My mom and dad take care of me, my dog makes me happy when I’m sad or lonely and my brother keeps me company and I enjoy every second with him even if I don’t say that to him after we play. I had another home even though I don’t remember much from my first home. My first home is where I was born, in Halifax, I moved to Fall River when I was very young so I don’t remember anything from back then, but I would count that as a home too.

My home is where I can be whoever I want to. I can imagine all I want and I can be welcomed, accepted and loved every day for the rest of my life.

All of these make the heart of my home. With no heart, the home turns into a structure on a plain old lot.

I hope that whatever Family gets a home will love theirs as much as I do and will love living there. I’m more grateful to have a home and a family that loves me than anything in the entire world and that will never change.