Grade 4

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

My house protects my family from storms. In my house there are people who love me. My home keeps me warm and
Cozy. I have lots of memories in my house. I have friends in my neighbourhood. I have lots of special moments with my family.
My home is warm with lots of love. It’s not very quiet because me and my brother fight a lot. My house smells like the best cooked food in the world in my opinion. When my mom cooks I feel grateful that my mom cooked for us. I love it when everybody sits around the table and enjoys what my mom made for us. If I didn’t have a mom I wouldn’t have her delicious dinner. But my dad makes ok dinner. I used to live in an old house. It was small but it was ours.
My home is fun because I have friends and a family to enjoy it with.