Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

Home is a place where I can watch Anime and play games with my family. I can eat fresh food and drink fresh water. But for some people that’s not the case they have no fresh water so you can make a difference by donating to people in need. If you got a house and it is well heated and it has fresh water then you are living pretty great but homeless people have no home and they are living on the street so if you see a homeless person if you have money at least give them 1$. And if you have no money just think what it is like to live on the street. If you ask me I would tell you that it looks pretty bad to me. If you see a homeless person don’t say you suck or anything like that, offer them some food. For the winner of this competition the winner will get 30 000 dollars to donate to a place in need. You could donate to the salvation army or the food bank this places give the stuff they get to people in need.