Grade 4


Meaning of Home

When I’m home I feel loved, joyful, and happy. I love being at home because I get to be with my family. I love playing bored games with my family. I especially love the board game Sorry. I also like Monopoly. I wish my brother liked board games, but he would rather play x-box. I love, love, love watching movies with my family too. Right now we are watching Christopher Robin. Well we haven’t started it, but we are going to watch it sometime this week.

My mom is disabled so my dad does most of the work. Me and my brother only have one chore to do every day, but we have a chore chart that we can make money from. My dad and my mom are the best. My brother just got drums. Hey would have not got drums if my brother didn’t tell my mom about electric drums. Because real drums are really loud, but with electric drums you can plug in headphones so only you can hear it. I love my family.

I love my home because it is calm- well besides when my brother has friends over or when he unplugs his headphones from his drums. I have my own room and it is pretty big. My house has four stories. My room is on the top story. My favourite part of my house is the basement. Because that’s where I can play. I like playing Lego downstairs or doing art.I have many books in my room and I love reading them.I also have dolls in my room and I have tons of doll clothes, beds ,and even a dog.

I love my home. I hope you do too.