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British Columbia

Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is a feeling. It’s feeling warm and safe where you live. Not all people own a house. I actually live in a rental house. Many people don’t even have that. But a home and a house are different. A house is a building you live in and something that could be temporary, too. But a home is the feeling attached to your house. It’s more than the building. It’s your family, your own space to be who you are and feel safe and secure. A blanket or perhaps a stuffie could make you feel at home too. Wherever your most valued possessions and people are is where your home is.

Some people work their whole lives and can never afford a house. They might not earn enough money to pay for more than groceries or bills etc. It is sad when parents want to provide a good life for themselves and their children but there just isn’t enough money to go around unfortunately. They can try their best but it is hard when they want a permanent home and not a temporary house. We are lucky we live in Canada because there is help for families to find a home.

I am very happy to take part in this project to get donations for this home building charity. It is an easy way to help others in need.