Grade 4

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

A home is where you feel safe. A home is where your family is and is always there for you no matter what. For some unfortunate people an alley or under a bridge is a home. In some countries a dump is a home. In some countries children don’t have parents or a home. A home is where you feel welcome and safe. A home is more than a house. A house keeps the rain out from over your head. Most of us are lucky. We all have food, money, and we have a house and a home. But some have pretty much none of that. Most of us have parents, cousins, animals, uncles, Grandpas,Grandmas. Maybe you have a sister or brother but some don’t have any parents, grandmas or anyone to take care of them. Some kids do not have a home and bad people take over their lives forcing them to get valuables from the dumps with no shoes.