Grade 6


Meaning of home

My home
These are my three reasons why home is so special to me. Home is somewhere where I am protected, where I can express my feelings, where we have some of our many traditions.

My home has people in it who will help me through stressful times and help me when I am down and make me get right back up again. My home is somewhere where I can go upstairs to my room and be alone and think about why I am sad and how to fix it. My home is somewhere where I can express myself with someone there to help me through it all.

Traditions, tradition in my house are every December 23. Me and my family come over and we have Christmas together. Every day my dad has a huge party at our house. Every Thanksgiving my mom’s side and dad’s side have Thanksgiving dinner together. Another tradition is that every New Year’s Eve we have a huge party with snacks and pop, and stay up until midnight.

When I am home I get protection from my house because I have shelter which protects me from storms. The people in my home protect me. My home protects me from anything outside that can hurt me.

This is why home is my favourite place to be. Because it brings me so much happiness. I’m so thankful to have a home to come home to. To see my friends and my family. Where I’m comfortable to be myself and not get made fun of. Home is somewhere I feel loved and where I’m protected from any bad things.