Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What does home mean to you? I wonder if it is similar to mine. My home always makes me feel warmth and comfort. The smell and taste of the great food makes me feel happy.

Home only matters because I have my family. Sure it’s nice to have stuff, but I’d rather have them. I am grateful for all my luxuries. I have a nice warm bed, I enjoy my parent’s cooking, and my comforting house to come home to. But it’s only comforting because I have my family. I’d rather trade all my luxuries just to see them every day. So isn’t it nice I can have both luxuries and my family. It makes me sad to know others don’t.

So that’s why I wrote this for all to see. My home is not the most important to me, my family is. So that must mean that a house is only a house and it is the family inside that make it a home.