Grade 6

Fort Saskatchewan

Meaning of Home

One day my sister and I were at our new house we just bought. Because it was new, we had nothing to do. We didn’t even have the internet! So we just sat there. Then, I got an idea! We were going to build the biggest fort ever. It is going to be so big it was going to take up the whole basement. We went around the whole house looking for blankets, pillows, and even an air mattress. After we found all the things we needed, we started to build. Hours later we finally finished and it looked like a castle. A very big castle. I and my sister were so proud of ourselves. Then my sister brought up the idea of sleeping in the fort and I said sure. Then as we were going into the KABOOM the fort went crashing down to the ground and I and my sister were laughing our heads off. It was so funny that it was a memory I will never forget in my new house. That to me is what the meaning of home is. Making memories that are funny, happy, and full of love.