Grade 6


Meaning of Home

All of the people who don’t have homes are begging for things and people that do have homes, most of the time take everything for granted. Still, everybody has a different view of home. For me, the meaning of home is a place to be with your family, to enjoy, to sleep,etc. Home is the most important to me and I’m pretty sure to everybody else too. My home is not a place I take for granted, I love having a home and it hurts to see people without one. At home I do nearly everything there, hang out with my friends, do homework, art, read and eat. When we go on a road trip the car is a temporary home. Home to me it means much more. I feel safe at home, no one there is mean to me or is a stranger. Home is where I found out that I would have a baby brother, although I was upset that it wasn’t a girl at least I got a sibling. Home helps me when I’m upset, I don’t know why but it helps. Home is a beautiful place where I know I belong. At home I can be myself and no one when judge me in any way. There is memories, laughter and so much more at home. Home is where my story began. Home is where I can express my feelings. When I forget to be kind nobody screams at me we figure it all out together. At home I’m loved and I’m happy for that.