Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

When you ask people what is a home to them ,they are all short of words .That shows you how much it means to them and how much Habitat for humanity has done for them.It’s outstanding how they make this happen in families’ lives .Mark Rodgers and his team of volunteers help make families dreams come true.It really emotional seeing the joy in their eyes and seeing the pride of owning their own home ,it is amazing.

The stories of some of them having a clean start in their lives starting from ground zero is amazing.How Habitat for Humanity helps them is unbelievable. This one story where a family who the mother had been diagnosed with cancer her daughter had ADHD a year later the father committed suicide, which forced them to downsize to a smaller cramped apartment . It was very cold and hard to live in because there was no space for the daughter to run around the house as there was no yard .The mom still had some health issues and there was a lot of work and burden on her.Habitat for Humanity helped her up and she volunteered at the local Restore Center got her house at a fair market value and her daughter had a lot of space to play and she could study again.Habitat for Humanity put her on the right track again .Home has helped their life.

A lot of people who have gone through this process understand how much a home means to people because you get stable ,you raise your family and repeats in other families lives.It is always a long awaited dream .It was a big dream for the family.With Habitat your dream with the organization can come true.This dream is unexplainable and is what home is to me.