Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

The meaning of my home

My home means so many things to me. It is a place l feel safe, the place I been living my life. I am going to tell all the things that home means to me. Home means a place where you feel safe. I feel that nothing bad will happen. It is a place where I feel comfortable with my family and friends. It is where I play and make good memories with my family. Home is where I grow up with my brothers.

My home is a place that I like because it is where I have been living my whole life with my family and friends I really like my home. A home is the greatest thing that you have because it is the place where you make good memories. If you don’t have any good memories in your home, your life will be sad without a home . It is where you play and have fun with your family. A home is a place of good memories.

There will always be home. Home is in heart and always be there. Home is place where you rest. It is the place where I talk with my family. My home means connecting with Mexico. The we love this is our home. A home is the place where you can express yourself, feel safe and comfortable and make good memories. Home will always be there in the moments of sadness. Home always lives in your heart.