Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

What a home mean to me?


A home is a place you go to from work or school and you can play in the back yard. You can call it a home because you pay for it. That is why you can call it a home. You can came home from a big day at school or work you can relax or do homework. You can sleep in a bed. You can getup the next morning and go to work or school. Do that every day. A home is a house before you pay for it.

To me, home is a place to make memories. I remember Christmas morning with my family. I remember feeling happy and excited. But most of all, I felt loved by my family.

At home my siblings and I play. We like to play outside and with our toys. Our family eat dinner together. My home is where I feel safe. After school, I come home and relax. I love to read in my comfy bed.

Home is a place to be with my family. I love my home.