Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

Home? What does that mean to you ? When I think of home, I feel safe and secure. Oh, you don’t think there is a difference between a house and a home? A home is were you should feel safe. You can feel safe in a house, but just the word (house) makes me feel somewhat insecure.

There is a saying «Home is we’re the heart is ». When you think about it, it’s so true. How many times have you thought, « I want to move, or, am I ever going to move, maybe you have thought, I don’t want to move ». Sometimes I think, «when am I ever going to move?» other times I think «I like my life, my home, my friends and my school.

When people have a sucre home, it means a lot to them. When people don’t have to interest, it means a lot. Not everyone thinks about how lucky we are to have a house or a home. There are people who don’t have a home, but there are also people that don’t have a home and don’t want a home. We can’t help everyone, but the people that we can help, should be helped.