Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

What is a home? A home is a place to feel safe. A home is a place to feel cozy inside. A home is a place important to live. What is a home to me? A home also has a secure place to live. Your place to live inside of living in the winter in the cold.

Why is a home important? A home is important because it prevents us from getting sick. A home has a bed a pillow and a blanket other than not living in a home outside does not have a pool low and a bed and a blanket. A home has a bathroom so we don’t need to use it outside. A home has a bath to keep us clean. A home is an important place to live!

Why is a home important ? A home is important because it gives you a place to live. A home so important because it holds all your memories. a home can be challenging but if you don’t have home to live in Habitat for Humanity has a home for yOu, you just have to work hours. Then you will get the home.

How do you get home if you don’t have enough money they will tell you to work 500 hours do you want to work 500 hours they will give you once you get the whole you have to pay the normal renT. They will eventually pay you. Then you will have to pay the normal stuff you will usually pay . They will also give you a hand help for you to get a home . Habitat for humanity can help you het a home just like that but you have to do some stuff before you do get the home.