Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is a place to call your own. A place to share your love that never fades away. A place where your dreams come true, it seems. Where a place I can still see my families’, genes continue.

When I come home from school, I almost tear up to know that people don’t live in a home that’s filled with love, but then thank God for my home and family.

When I go to bed, I see the rain fall on the window and hear the thunder and lightning that brightens up the whole room. I also feel my dog hiding and shivering under the covers with me. In the morning I wake up then my head rises off the pillow because I must go to school. When I walk to school, I see the rain drops on the car window and see the puddles from the storm last night. You can smell the nature of the fresh fog, and hear the birds chirping above me.

To me home is a place to feel comfort and where my old family members always reunite. We always grow into a bigger family and home should be a place to feel secure and supported. Even though my family has been through a lot, we always have hope and see the Joy.