Grade 6

British Columbia

meaning of home

Jamie January 24,2019

Meaning of home

Once there was a kid named Michael. His whole life his mom Tiffany, and his dad Nick, two sisters, their names were Brittany and Sarah, and one brother Henry lived in a 2-bedroom apartment. It had 2 bunk beds that were small and one queen sized bed. In one bedroom, Brittney, Sarah and Henry all slept in one bedroom and their two parents and Michael slept in the other bedroom. They had a small kitchen, just big enough for a rugged stove, a few cabinets, a sink, and an old fridge they purchased from the restore. The kitchen didn’t have a microwave, a blender or an oven. their apartment only had one bathroom. The front hall had a closet that they would put their shoes and coats in. After work when Nick and Tiffany got home.” Tiffany expressed. “Your dad and I have an existing surprise!”

” What’s the surprise?” Michael asked with curiosity.

“We were chosen for habitat for humanity and we’re getting a new house!”

“That means we’ll be getting a new house built so we don’t have to live in this stinky apartment anymore.” broadcasted Tiffany.

“all of us together will have to put in five hundred hours and or friends and family will have to put in one hundred hours, but we will be getting a new home.” Nick said with enjoyment.

The end