Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
What does home mean to me?

A home is not a structure. It is a place with memories written in its lines of history. A home is a section of your heart, protected by your very own human body. Your house can go up in flames, but your home will always be where your heart is. Imagine yourself without a house. Easy, isn’t it? You would think of being homeless. Now imagine yourself without a home. Nobody to go to when things are tough. Nothing that keeps your heart steady when everything goes wrong. It is difficult and horrific to think of.
For me, home means support from my parents to keep pursuing my dreams. It means silent stares from my brother whenever we see each other. It means a place to feel at home. To express my true self and read, draw, write or whatever else my heart desires. I never knew how much my home truly meant to me before I sat down and thought about it. My home is my everything, really. I can feel so alone, but I will always find warmth at home. I can be an empty glass, but my family, my friends and my passions will fill me up, with more than just warm feelings.
Some people might desire. A house. Some people might not. But no matter anyone’s race, culture or country, everyone needs a home. Everybody deserves one. It breaks you down to learn that people in the world live without common necessities. We all share the needs. It is up to us, the fortunate people to live in warm homes, to help everyone get them.