Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
A home is a special place that everyone should be able to experience. But sadly, not everyone does. That is why I am writing this paragraph, so I can help the people who do not have a home. People who do not have a home really are missing out. We take our homes for granted. Nobody really knows that our houses are the things that keep us alive. We get attached to our houses and they stick to us forever. They become like a family member that you are really close to. If something bad happens to them or you lose them then you cry, mourn, and hate yourself for the things you didn’t get to do. Putting a family in a home is like keeping it healthy and alive, if you don’t feed it then it will die.
Your home is your comfort zone, it always knows how to heal you. You can come home to a loving family or a warm meal on the table. Your world revolves around your home. You need it to get you through the tough things. Home is where you experience things with other people, yourself and your family and friends. You can play games with your family and friends, sit by a warm fireplace and love and be loved.
Everyone should have a home where their family can keep their promises. People make promises they can’t keep like I promise I’ll be home for dinner or I’ll be home in 5 minutes I promise. Even though those people can’t keep their promises we can keep our promise that we can find a home for someone together. We all just think home is a place where you live but it is so much more. So don’t take things for granted and spend time with your family and your home as much you can.