Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Homes are where there is love, where you can be loved and have fun. Being loved and having fun is what means to me.
As long as I remembered is every Christmas we enjoy the time together. Every Christmas we sit by the tree that we have decorated and open presents and have fun. We have a yummy, tasty, and toasty late breakfast. We would usually all go outside after. Then we don’t have lunch. For supper we would have a enormous dinner. It would smell so decoys. One Christmas my mom made a delightful jelly cake. The colors were red, blue, and orange. It was wonderful. After supper we are always so full but we still have room for dessert! That is what love and having fun means to me in this memory.
Sometimes on thanksgiving or before or after we have a family thanksgiving dinner. It is sometimes at my house but it is mostly at my grandpa and grandma’s place. We usually have buns, turkey, ham, salad, pickles, and other food. We usually also have butter with our buns. That people that are there is my aunty, my uncle, my cousin, my grandpa, my grandma, and my family. For dessert we have fruit and delicious cookies. I would play games with my family like Guess Who. We would have fun and there is love. Now you know what I do while having fun and being loved on thanksgiving.
Home can be fun and loving. It can be at your friend’s house. Home is home. That is what home means to me.