Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

My home is like a nest,
It’s simply the best,
We all flock together,
Like birds of a feather,
During the day,
We fly far far away,
But we always return,
And say what we learned,
In my home I have no fright,
Because I am safe with my family at night,
My brother, father and mother,
Are special and unique like none other,
My nest is not like the rest,
It is not built out of twigs or feathers from my chest,
You won’t see it in a tree,
It is built out of love and family,
Although sometimes we fight,
And our anger explodes like dynamite,
We learn to get along,
And not to fight like we’re King Kong,
We keep our nest protected, delicate and clean,
Like a precious diamond on the crown of a queen,
I love my flock,
They rock!!