Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
There are a lot of things that home could mean to you. To me home means being safe, loved and cared for. It means making memories and being with the people we love. When I am home alone it does not really feel like home, because the people in my home make it feel like home not the home itself. My home is where most of my memories start, where I can be myself and it is alright if I make mistakes. It does not matter what home I am in my home is where my family is. Overall, your home can mean a lot like safety being loved and making memories, I know home means that to me. The people in my home are nice and loving, but my brother can be really annoying sometimes.
In my home sometimes the stormy rain clouds cover are heads, but the bright sunshine always comes back. The people in my home are special they help me make memories and have fun. Sometimes in my family I feel left out. Because my dad is always with my brother at his hockey, but it does not last long, and it gets better. With my family we play games and watch movies together. I love the amazing people in my home, and I know they love me too.
Just think many people in the world do not have a place to call home. It is sad and we need to help them get a place they can call their own. Home should mean stuff to everyone wither it is love or faith everyone should have something. People need a place that they can be safe in and avoid violence. All in all, you should be able to call something your home.