Grade 5


Meaning of Home

A home is a peaceful and relaxing place where you can enjoy yourself.
Without a home, life could get really strenuous in some ways. Don’t you agree with me? I’ll prove it right now. Think about it: without a home, where will you enjoy yourself or relax if you don’t have a quiet place to stay in?
Where can you sleep if you don’t have a bedroom and bed?
Where can you cook some homemade food if you don’t have a kitchen? Haven’t changed your mind yet? Well, if you don’t have a bathroom near you, what will you do? I’m pretty sure I changed your mind now. When I think of my home, it’s like being in the best dream of my life: chilling on the couch and watching TV, playing with my friends on my computer, staying in my warm pyjamas all day, cooking with my mum and laughing and many other things that I love to do.
Nothing feels like home.