Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
I believe home is something people look forward to. To me, home is a place where I feel safe, where I sleep, eat, play and everything you could think of. Home is where all your childhood memories will be made. Memories with friends, family and everyone you love. Home is where I go after school, where my meals are made, home is where I show respect my family, home is where I play and call my friends, home is where I laugh and have fun, home is where I watch T.V, home is home. Whenever I feel sad, I have home. Whenever I need help, I have my family at home. Whenever I feel happy, I still have home. If you’re ever scared or need help, you have home.

Home is where you grow up, it’s where everything you ever need will be. It will be your favourite place to be when you are older. It is where you go when you are discouraged. It is where you can relax your mind and your body. Its where you want to be. Home, its where you start. Home is where you and your family make happiness and spread love. Where you can free yourself from all distractions and comfort yourself, family and friends. Where you can give yourself everything that is needed for your youth years. Its where everything begins.