Grade 6

British Columbia

meaning of home

Meaning of home
What does home mean to me?
Home is a safe place to go when you feel sad, mad, alone forgotten, lost, happy, or exited. Home is a place where you can go to talk to your family about your troubles/problems knowing that they will not tell anyone innless you want them to, knowing that your family loves you no matter what and they always will love you. Home is where your family makes you laugh and feel safe/loved. Home is where you don’t have to be alone innless you want to. Its where you don’t have to be insecure about anything and where your aloud to make mistakes. Home is where you cuddle and play with your dog/cat. Its where you live and grow up. Home isn’t just walls and a roof home is being with family and loved ones. Even if you move out of your house it will always be home to you in your heart.