Grade 5

Nova Scotia


Home is where I like to play, I have friends come over for the day. My mom and dad cook yummy meals, it always makes me feel warm but sometimes I feel torn apart with the fighting going on at dark.
But that does not matter because I have a home to make me feel warm. I know the house is a little messy but i feel comfortable and accepted.
I also know that some people do not have a home to feel loved inside, but that is why we are making these stories and poems to help give them a home to feel loved and important inside.
Mine is very special to me and all the things I feel inside my home are….. Loved,Safe,Comfortable,Accepted,Warm,Caring, and important. Home is where my whole family comes together for the holidays. We all have a big feast and our tummies are just waiting for dezert.
I feel like my home is the best home in the world. But if I’m away from my home for too long I feel unsafe and home sick.
So this is the meaning of home to me.