Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

What home means to me. Home is love and a Glorious place to live in. Home is a warming place and there is joy in my home. You can decorate your home whatever you want it to look like. In my home there are friends and family laughing and having fun together. We have dinners at the kitchen table and we enjoy the food we have got. When you go outside it’s a beautiful, fun place in the backyard and front yard. When you get in bed it’s a cuddly place to sleep. In the living room you can enjoy family time on the couch watching TV. In the bathroom you can have a nice warm bath. Home is not always a house. A home is your home, a house is someone’s home not yours. A home can never just be a two-story house. A home can be a trailer, it could be a car, it could be a tent, it could be a forest, it could be a cabin, it could be a treehouse. Home Means Everything.