Grade 6

Middle Sackville
Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

Home is not just a place to live. It is not just a building where you keep your belongings. That is what the definition of a house is. The meaning of home means much more than that. It is not about the size of your house or what you have in it, but who you have to share it with. The saying “home is where the heart is” sums it all up. It is a place where you spend time with your family, where you feel comfortable, loved and safe. Home can be anywhere where you hang up your coat and hat and call it a day. For some people this is a house, for others it is a hotel or a park bench.
I know all too well that a home is anywhere you can feel safe and spend time with your family. I know first hand that this does not have to be “your house”. I lost my house in a fire on Aug 4, 2019. My family lost everything, including all of the memories we made over the years. We were left with only the clothes on our back and the memories we could remember.
Over the next year we made our home in several different places. Several friends of ours opened their doors and gave us a place to stay. After several months, we were able to find a rental house where we could all stay together and begin to make new memories. As long as my parents, brother, myself and the dog were together, home could have been anywhere. Our rental house was starting to feel like home as many memories were being made.
During this time, we had to stay together inside because of COVID and so we got to spend a lot of time together. We had to think of do activities. We painted, played outside and we made obstacle course races. Then we moved into our new home and it started to feel like home in a month. So far, we made great memories in our new house. I got a new cat when we moved into our new house because my other cats died in the house fire. My cat loves to climb everywhere in the house and she has made it her home as well.
Home is a peaceful place where I can do my art. Home is a place where I can bring my bestfriends over and laugh with them and make good memories and stay up all night with them. Home is where I can let all of my feelings out. Home is an enjoyable place where my family and I play a lot of game’s. My home makes me feel safe and warm and happy. Home is a place where I can bake cookies and make a mess when I do it.
A home isn’t just a house you just live in, it’s where you make memories and bake, laugh, play games, dance, snuggle and be happy. This is what I think of my home. My home is warm, loving, caring and full of memories and more to come. Home means that I can sit in peace and quiet when I do my makeup. I had my first birthday party in my new house and I ate a piece of cake and my mouth turned blue. That was a memory in my new house. My home is treasured in my heart and no one can replace this. Home means so much to me, I love it infinity and beyond. There is no one meaning for home it all depends on the person being asked. Family is what makes a house a home.