Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Home is a place to be warm and cozy. Home is where to spend your family, and love each other. And have good memories with each other. Love is Love and nobody can break it.
Home is where you live
Home is where you have fun with your family.If you have a home you will be safe and healthy. And humanity will live forever. If you have a home you will sleep well, eat well, rest well and be safe and happy with your family. The most Important part is you have shelter and a ceiling and roof on top of you. To keep you safe.
And with your family you can go somewhere to have fun like a trampoline park, or the park that you can see outside and then when you’re done you can go home, take a nap or rest watch tv or play with your siblings.
Then the next morning you can do your morning routine like; take a shower, eat breakfast, get dressed and go out to school. After school you can do something else at home like play games, study, or spend time with your family and siblings and cousins.
The next morning at school you can make a plan with your friends to go out somewhere and hangout with them late at night if it’s friday and then go home take a deep sleep wake up late in the morning and do whatever you want cause its a weekend!
You can maybe go out with your friends again and bike for some exercise or play video games, play with your sibling spend time with your whole family go out for walk with your dog (if you have a dog) And maybe do something else you like doing those were the only things i suggested if your reading this i hope you have a nice day or night!!