Grade 4

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

A home is a place where you feel safe, a place where you feel loved, a place where you feel you belong. A home is a special somewhere where you can have big feelings. A home is a place of happiness. I’m so glad I have my home. I think everyone should have a home. It breaks my heart to see homeless people that live in the dump. Those homes are insufficient homes. I don’t feel that’s right and I want that to change. I really don’t like how that goes on and on and on. Why doesn’t everyone have a home? You know how we have a food bank? Well, I think we should have a homebank. I mean it. I really mean it. So why can’t we?

Everyone deserves a home. A home is a place where everyone is calm, but sometimes it is a place of excitement. It is also a place of memories. Think of all the happy memories homeless people could make with a home. Think of the people we could make happy. Don’t you want to make some frowns turn upside down by giving them a home? Don’t you like feeling good? Well, I bet you that this will make you feel good. I just want to tell you, “Hey! This is a fact! We’d better face it! “Because that is true, we have to face facts in life. I really want this to happen. I like this plan.