Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
A house is a place that hasn’t been bought yet or owned, but a home is a place where you feel safe and loved. In my home I have so much memories it’s almost impossible to count them all.
A lot of my memories took place in my basement. My family watches movies and eats really good popcorn in my basement. My family plays board games in my basement and we have the best sleepovers ever!
Another place in my house that is full of memories is my room. In my room I play gracefully on my flute. I write in my secret journal and do my homework quietly. The last thing that I like to do in my room is hang up rewards and pictures on my wall.
The second last place in my house that is full of excitement and memories is my living room. In my living room my sisters and I snuggle in blankets by the crackling fire place. You will also find my mom wrapped in a blanket sitting in her chair reading another “Exciting” book while drinking some hot tasty tea in the living room.
The last place in my house that makes me feel safe and loved is my kitchen. In my kitchen we make cookies for Santa. We make special noodles for dinner, and we laugh and tell each other hoe our day was while my mom is cooking dinner.
My house is special in so many ways, but it is special to me because I can call it my home. My home is full of love and joy. One step in and all of your worries disappear.