Grade 6


Meaning Of home

A house is walls and floors and doors, but a home is something different. A home is where memories are made and small moments you remember your entire life take place. In my home I feel happy and loved. Its where my family spends time together knowing they are safe and sound within the walls of their special home.

The coziest room in my house is by far the living room. On the cold icy days of winter my family would all sit on the couch wrapped in blankets watching the warm fire, with hot mugs of hot chocolate held tightly in our hands. My dad would recite a cheesy joke that makes all of us groan, we sit there in dim light laughing and chatting as the wind howls outside the windows.

Movie night! Me and my brother race to the best spot on the couch although mom usually gets to sit there anyway. We always watch a new movie that none of us has seen yet. unless its December then we watch Elf, the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Halfway through the movie we pause to make drinks and popcorn. We dig the popper out of the cupboard and melt butter in a bowl. Soon the whole house smells like the theater. I sprinkle salt on the buttery popcorn being careful to add more to my bowl than my brother’s. We settle in on the couch and click I press play and we finish the movie as a family.
My home is a safe place, a loved place, a happy place. But best of all its my family’s place. Its where I make memories and have a good time. My home is everything to me.