Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
You don’t always have to have a building to have a home. If you have family, love, and support then you have a home. That is what home means to me, love, family, and support.
As long as I can remember every time I go to my grandma’s house there is ice-cream. Cool creamy and often chocolate flavored ice-cream. Summer or winter I arrive and bolt down the stairs to the basement freezer. I used to forget to turn on the light but know I always remember, second switch from the door. During the summer when I enjoy the ice-cream I will sit outside on the patio outside with my grandma and her over used stereo playing songs I have never heard of. We can chat for an extended amount of time, but the ice-cream doesn’t last that long. Home is a place where we can eat ice-cream and talk.
Later in the afternoon we begin to bake, cinnamon buns. I help with the dough but my favorite part is to watch the dough turn around in the mixer. In a steady circle it turns. The warm toasty cinnamon smell wafted throughout my grandma’s house. Those cinnamon buns always tasted scrumptious! My grandma always bakes delightful treats! Home is where we can bake and eat.
When it was supper time my uncle came home. After supper we would go for a long walk together. Home is our neighborhood and our community. We would go past the park through the long twisty roads and then walk along the river path. We talk the whole time and laugh like we will never laugh again. Home is our neighborhood where we take walks in.
Home can be anywhere for anyone. You just need love, family, and support, to make a house a home.