Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Welcome to my home, the place where l have safety with my family. Me and my family stay safe and warm with walls on the side of us and a roof over our heads. We have a kitchen where we make food, a living room where we sit and relax and watch tv, a playroom where we can also watch tv and me and my sister can play with some toys we love. We have our bed rooms where we sleep and where we also go to be alone and think sometimes. We have a big shelf of games and another shelf with puzzles and more games. Sometimes we play games as a hole family but sometimes my dad does not play games with us. I love to go outside and play with my sister. We used to go on the swings when we were younger but our swings are too small for us so now we do tricks on the trampoline and we get our dad to put on the sprinkler. We also have water gun fights in the summer and that is actually one of the most memorable things with my sister. These are the most memorable things l do in my house with my family. I would be here for a long time if l said all my other memories.