Grade 6


Meaning of Home

My home, a place where I can get away from everything else outside. To me my home has so many memories and it feels like happiness was built into the walls because we are always happy until the happiness falls asleep and the drama starts.

My Siblings

I hear vicious stomps coming down the stairs toward my room, as I hear the stomps I quickly hide under my covers as I knew something crazy was about to happen. Then……….. Whose!! I hear my door swing open and then I peeked above my covers and there I see my sister Kate red like a ripe tomato. She yelled as loud as her voice would let her, “WHERE’S TANTIANA!!!”

I looked confused as I told her, “You mean Tatiana the stuffed dragon, I saw Ty with her.”

We marched angrily up the stairs into my brother’s room, where we found him playing x-box. We asked if he knew where the blue dragon was and he said, “What blue dragon?”

Then we started to chase him around the house because we knew he was lying. Finally he told us where the stuffed dragon was, only because we tickled him to death.

Stella (Dog) The Kissing Machine

The slobber dripping down my face with her wet pink tongue, and all I can hear is giggles from myself. I toke my hands to cover my face, thankfully she stopped. Then Stella the maniac dog started to bite my brand new purple sweater. So, I started to yell, but it did nothing. I got up with all my force, I stood up grabbed Stella’s muzzle and opened her jaw and pulled my sweater out of her warm moist mouth. I forgave my furry friend and now we’re best friends.

My home is my Home.