Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is more than just a house. Rather, I believe a home is a space that you can feel safe and claim as your own without hesitation. A home is a place you can be yourself, and not feel in danger or frightened.

A home is more than brick walls and a roof. It can be a mansion with marble tile floors, rooms full of valuables with ten bedrooms, and fields of free space. A home can also be as discarded as a ripped piece of cardboard in a gloomy, raining street though, this is still a home. An apartment room, a basement, a cabin, a car, a rented out motel, a homeless shelter, a spot on a sidewalk: the list just goes on. Some people are more or less fortunate than others, but we all have a place we can call our home.

Home is more than just a place somebody lives. Home is what you share with your family. Waking up to the sound of my cat’s meows and cuddles: this reoccurrence is what makes my home, my home. Eating at my dining table with my family during the evening, sitting in my bedroom doing my favourite daily activities, drawing with my sister, petting my cat as he rubs against my leg. It’s the little things that separate each of our homes. The food you have in your fridge, the furniture you can find in each room, the books you find on tables and shelves. The little details make a home more than a building made of bricks, wood, and glass.

Home is more than just a word. A home is what somebody cherishes and respects. Somebody’s home can have different furniture from others, and some people don’t even have furniture in their 5-meter-wide home. Somebody’s home may have different food than others, and some people struggle to get any food to put in their homes at all. Either way, everybody has a home. Furniture or no furniture, food or no food, storage or no storage, walls or no walls, we all have a place we can’t stay far away from for a long amount of time. We all have a place we worry about getting destroyed. Everybody has a home. Everyone should have a home.