Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is where the heart is, where there is love, family and a place which makes one feel safe and comfortable. Home doesn’t need to be a big mansion or a bungalow. One can feel at home, where one is with their family members and is loved and cared for. Home is the place where one learns the first steps of life. For me, home is not just a place with four walls but a place that symbolises safety and comfort. It is where I spend time with my family and make memories.

Home means where my mom hugs and loves me and we relish homemade food. It is where I play with my sister, share things and care for each other. I play with my mischievous companion, my soul sister, where we enjoy playing doll house with the kitchen set and reading books. I even enjoy playing games with my dad such as business, tambola and cards. I love to share my feelings with my parents.